Since 1997 we have been successfully supporting Directors and Owner Managers to unleash their potential through their businesses.

From back bedroom start-ups to established businesses and over the full spectrum of the business lifecycle and situations.

Working ‘hands’ delivering practical assistance directly to the management team and with a view to a long-term commitment.

The principle is simple.

Owner Managers are resourceful, driven and dedicated individuals who, whilst very knowledgeable in their core activity, are often short on time, inundated with priorities and in unfamiliar territory as regards the supporting business operations which can leave Growth, Profit and Cash trapped in the business.

A Business needs the right environment as early as possible to be able to flourish sustainably.  ‘The Right Environment’ includes the complementary features of a Commercially Viable Proposition a Credible Business Plan, efficient Business Process, Full Financial Control, insightful Management Information and a management able to make decisions through Business Decision Support.

The value of these features to a business can not be underestimated and are extolled from every corner of the business world. From Consultants, Accountants, Bankers, Funders, Investors through successful and unsuccessful business owners themselves.

Owner managers don’t start with all the Knowledge, Tools, Skills and Experience in the required areas of Business Planning & Management necessary to implement these features nor do they have the time to acquire them. Which means it can otherwise take years of effort, trial & error and so missed opportunity even failure.

Getting support to establish these features can mean a business paying dividends much higher, much earlier and for much longer

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