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Owner managers are highly motivated and resourceful individuals upon whom a great many people rely to make quick decisions all day every day about a dynamic range of issues in which, for the most part, they are in unfamiliar territory and very short on facts.

Those decisions have real and enduring consequences so for them to be ‘the best they can be’ they benefit from Information, Knowledge and Experience but reliable information can be hard to come by unless ‘designed in’.

Management information is our founding principle because it affords meaningful insight enabling the management and staff to make informed decisions.

“To provide Timely, Accurate and Appropriate information about operational outcomes relative to plans presented in a meaningful and actionable way to the people who need it, when they need it.”

Andrew Murtha –The Everlasting Bubblegum © 1997

To make Better decisions quicker. To communicate with stakeholders and shareholders more effectively. To inform and deploy staff with greater purpose. To brief and recruit 3rdparty support more effectively.

To inform the  Viability analysis and Business planning as importantly as the day to day decision making and operation of the business.

Information about how the drivers of the business are performing and why so that we can act to influence outcomes in the future. About obstacles, threats and pressures in advance to be able to do something to mitigate them like plan them out.

Not meaningless information like “how much is in the bank” but a rolling eight week managed liquidity cash forecast.

Which Customer, Services, Jobs or Products contribute to profit and loss and create operational or cash pressures to help direct us to retain the good and improve the bad.

Information about the future from forecasting to plan capacity, resources, funding and even tax and exit strategies.

The Everlasting Bubblegum will help you identify and implement management information system that provide understandable and actionable insight into your business operations which are ‘designed in’ at the Planning phase.

Many businesses are right now involved in activities that they would drop had they the information on how poorly they are performing.

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Unleash your Enterprise Result Collectively these key features are the foundations to a profitable Sustainable, Efficient, Proactive and Well Managed business. Business Viability Analysis Model the business and test your assumptions to establish if you have a Commercially Viable Proposition relative to your Goals and then explore the circumstances under which it would be at its most optimum. BusinessPlanning Establish a Credible, Evolving and Monitored Business Plan to guide you in the desired direction at the desired pace toward your changing objectives. Business Process Introduced and incrementally improved to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Operating costs, enable Seamless Growth whilst consistently achieving higher quality outcomes for a competitive business. Financial Control Establish and manage high level Accounting capability irrespective of in-house financial prowess. Budgeting, Forecasting, Costing and Planning. ManagementInformation Timely, Accurate and Meaningful information about business operational outcomes relative to plans affording insight and visibility by which to manage for profit. Business Decision Support Make better, more informed decisions quicker. Compliment your acumen with on-hand Information, Knowledge, Experience, Analysis and Third-party support on any issue faced.