“I have had the pleasure of knowing Andrew and The Everlasting Bubblegum for over 16 years. During this time, his advice has been invaluable in the longevity and growth of our business.

It is hard to say exactly what he does for us as he is involved in so much. His professional approach rubs off on every aspect of our business. I can honestly say that no major decisions are taken without first seeking Andrew’s impartial advice.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone and if you aren’t using his services you are certainly missing out. I cannot ever see a scenario where I will not be using The Everlasting Bubblegum.”

David Burgin, Manging Director, Langley Electrical (Contractors) & Image Management (Document Imaging)
“An invaluable resource to supercharge our management team. Providing efficiencies through planning and process, Management Information supported by help with decision making gives us confidence in profitability and longevity.”
Ms T Munnings, Financial Controller, Planguard (Property)

“We have experienced so many advantages of using The Everlasting Bubblegum services.

We enjoy Full financial control and up to date Management Information across the business which allows us to concentrate on our core business skills whilst ensuring that the bottom line is always being monitored .

Assistance with Planning, Pricing, Funding and forecasting all facilitating efficiency and seamless growth.

Risk management, Analysing business processes and providing recommendations to ensure that certain aspects of business processes are being undertaken in the most cost effective way.

Providing great value to a business without the need for huge upfront costs.”

Darren Vallance, Managing Director, CAD Services (Computer Aided Design)

“Andy provides his clients with peace of mind, based on accurate, reliable and timely financial data. He understand his client’s goals and he uses his experience to help his clients with the myriad of decisions that face the Directors of SMEs. He is able to explain the key issues facing his clients so that they have clarity and can focus on the solutions required to implement their plans.

DSCO Chartered Accountants, have worked with Andy for nearly 20 years and his collaborative approach has meant that we have been able to help our mutual clients achieve their goals and we have been able to exceed their expectations.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy.”

David Suckling FCA, Managing Director, DSCO Chartered Accountants

“Andrew has always shown professionalism, tenacity and attention to detail. The best testament to Andrew’s work is the fact that the businesses he looks after are amongst our most successful and well run clients.”

Richard Bayliss, Managing Director, The Lowtax Group (Accountants)

“Andrew is clear and to the point and always works in you and your company’s interests and he will always guide you to your goals so you learn along the way. Many Many Thanks”

Kim Hoddy, Owner Manor Logos

“Maleon have worked with The Everlasting Bubblegum since the company was started over 19 years ago, indeed TELB were instrumental in developing the original Maleon business plan.

The fact that our business relationship is still going strong after 19 years is a testament to the skills and professionalism that TELB bring, and the dedication to the service that they provide.

The value of the service that TELB provide is quantifiable in terms of improved and maintained gross profit, control of overhead costs, accurate and timely management accounts information, and the ability to accurately forecast both sales and associated cost of sales.

TELB has been key to the implementation of a professional services automation software platform, along with the development of business financial processes and procedures.

I have no hesitation to recommend TELB to any company whether they are just starting in business, or are an established business. The rewards are both tangible and quantifiable.”

Steve Revell, Managing Director, Maleon Limited Professional Services

“Having known Andrew and the Everlasting Bubblegum for 18 years I have come to trust his no nonsense approach to business. Offering solutions that seem obvious but without his persuasive nudging would never be fulfilled. His knowledge of commercial practices follow his own unique process map making achievable goals a reality in the shortest possible time. I would not be where I am without him.”

Mark Giardelli B.Sc. MIET, Owner, Mango-5 Maintenance T/a McGoff &Vickers Fire & Security

“Without Andrew Murtha and The Everlasting Bubblegum Co I would not of been in a position to expand and double the turnover of my business. The process that he put in place enabled the increased workload to be easily managed. But this is one element of his business knowledge and assistance. The information that he was able to extract from my business enable me to easily make financial, marketing and strategic decisions, and also highlighted areas were additional resource or input was required. I would always recommend his services to any new or existing business, and he will be the first person that I would speak to should any new venture arise for me in the future.”

Nigel Gardner MIoD, Managing Director, Liberty Project Services Limited Contracting

“Outstandingly diligent and entrepreneurial to the core, with end clients ultimate business success every step of the way”

Georgie Belton, Marketing Director, Maleon Ltd