Why us?

Why choose Bubblegum over

  • a Financial Adviser;
  • a Bank Manager;
  • an Accountant;
  • a Broker;
  • even a friend’s advice?

This is the real question.

Build a solid foundation for success

The Everlasting Bubblegum is a transformational programme designed to unleash the potential of your business and help you realise your goals.

We start at the very beginning to build a solid foundation for success with business viability modelling and business planning, and then we work our way upwards through systems and processes, information management and business decision support.

These are the key features of a successful business, and they are incorporated into The Everlasting Bubblegum to determine all necessary conditions for success. Our programme then helps you implement those conditions to achieve that success, with ongoing business support from a business analyst for continuous improvement.

The benefits of The Everlasting Bubblegum programme are numerous and vary from enterprise to enterprise, but have included in previous applications:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Revenue growth
  • Margin enhancement
  • Improved profitability
  • Reduced cash pressure
  • Reduced management pressure
  • Reduced demand on working hours
  • A clear road-map for meeting business goals
  • Informed decision-making processes
  • A greater confidence in decisions
  • An ability to more easily communicate third party interests
  • A clarity in business performance
  • Higher chance of business success

The key benefit of our programme, is that you will have access to a business analyst who will help you create a far more proactive management environment, in which you will finally be able to focus on your own strengths.

You will no longer be held back by the pressures of management, or the inefficiencies of business processes and systems. You will have a clear business viability model, and a clear business plan to work with. In summary, our programme will improve every aspect of your SME, and help you implement all necessary changes to achieve success.

Improving business prospects since 1997

The Everlasting Bubblegum has been successfully supporting owner managers to unleash their enterprise and improve their business prospects since 1997.

I have helped owner managers unleash ‘back-bedroom’ start-ups to a level beyond their wildest dreams, and seventy-five-year-old £15m turnover established enterprises achieve unforeseen levels of growth and profitability.

My clients, some of whom I have had relationship with for over fifteen years, have enjoyed above average success, profitability, and longevity, and it’s all thanks to the programme I refined a long time ago. Like many businesses, mine started out as an idea and evolved into a successful enterprise from humble beginnings…