Identify the systems and processes that underpin your business

In order to become and remain successful a business must continuously improve process. Failure to do so is likely to result in higher costs, lower revenues, cash pressure, less motivated employees and fewer satisfied customers. It is a quick win to release the Time, Profit and Cash trapped in your business.

Effective Processes enable the business to run efficiently and grow seamlessly with consistently better outcomes giving agility and competitive advantage. Affording the creation of a less stressful work experience, a professional and proactive management environment where people are released to focus on business growth and development. Process and policy can empower staff and enable owner managers to confidently step back, delegate (and even go on holiday without their mobile).

Exhaust process before you recruit so that you ensure maximum return on Human Resource costs. Being able to onboard new recruits and deploy effectively in the shortest time. A more proactive environment also improves staff retention.

Even seemingly obvious and simple Process, Policy and Procedure can have impressive impacts on profitability and efficiency due to the day after day multiplier.

Business that prioritise and incrementally improve process are more robust, have a higher value multiplier. They can realise the returns on investments more quickly. They can expand, acquire other business and replicate themselves.

Process driven business will improve confidence of the management information enabling them to Plan reliably with more predictable outcomes attaining goals quicker.

Document and Information Control systems can help the management and retrieval of information around the business leading to reduced costs and better decisions.

A Secure Order Environment to get paid on time incorporating Credit Risk Assessment, Credit Control and Debt Collection & Recovery systems reduce the cash pressure.

Purchase Order and Inventory benefit Resource and Cost Control, profit and cash.

Lead, Enquiry, Estimating and Sales Order process to increase conversion rates, forecast and provide metrics.

Approvals Systems De-Risk the business against unplanned cost.

Time and Expense policy and Process to provide clarity and management information, control costs reduce processing.

Cost and Resource control systems such as Job Costing, Capacity Planning, Variation Control not only control costs but provide insightful feedback about core activity performance.

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Unleash your Enterprise Result Collectively these key features are the foundations to a profitable Sustainable, Efficient, Proactive and Well Managed business. Business Viability Analysis Model the business and test your assumptions to establish if you have a Commercially Viable Proposition relative to your Goals and then explore the circumstances under which it would be at its most optimum. BusinessPlanning Establish a Credible, Evolving and Monitored Business Plan to guide you in the desired direction at the desired pace toward your changing objectives. Business Process Introduced and incrementally improved to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Operating costs, enable Seamless Growth whilst consistently achieving higher quality outcomes for a competitive business. Financial Control Establish and manage high level Accounting capability irrespective of in-house financial prowess. Budgeting, Forecasting, Costing and Planning. ManagementInformation Timely, Accurate and Meaningful information about business operational outcomes relative to plans affording insight and visibility by which to manage for profit. Business Decision Support Make better, more informed decisions quicker. Compliment your acumen with on-hand Information, Knowledge, Experience, Analysis and Third-party support on any issue faced.