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A successful business is founded upon a Commercially Viable Proposition but its sustainability is ensured by the way its operations are designed, organised and incrementally improved to facilitate the owner’s goals.

Business Viability Analysis is an activity designed to discover the ability of your current business to meet your goals in its existing state. Through modelling business information and your assumptions, we determine its viability, where you are going and the circumstances in which it would be at its optimum.

Establishing Viability is the most important task in a business life cycle but one that business owners do not sufficiently undertake or revisit and so never truly appreciate the potential of their business.

Owners are too anxious to get to working than to pause for working smart and so get stuck reactively responding to day to day demands, chance opportunities and avoidable threats and never realising that the business is underperforming to potential. Profitability is not as high as it could be nor is growth in the right direction or at the desired pace. All of which avoidable.

Pressures experienced day to day should not be accepted as the norm of running a business but instead as simply a symptom of weaknesses in setup.

A business that sets out even slightly on the wrong foot and continues that path or does not recognise and adapt to changes then condemns the venture to an experience of considerable effort, pressure and mediocre performance even through to failure.

Simply adopting an inappropriate pricing strategy can dictate the need for a disproportionately high turnover and overhead creating cash pressure from the outset or even failure whereas the right pricing strategy will underpin profitability and success.

Together we Explore, Validate and explain your business performance alongside your planning assumptions to get Confidence in what you do next from the facts about your business operation. Establishing how your future business operation is best aligned to your goals.

Viability analysis takes place initially and then at periodical cycles by use of Key Performance Indicators determined from Business Planning and supplied though Management Information.

If you have not already undertaken viability analysis or least not adequately or for some time, then you should do so with someone suitably able as a matter of urgency else miss opportunity and leave success to chance instead of design.

Get the facts about your business operation to ensure that the next thing you do is the most valuable application of your available resources

Unleash your Enterprise Result Collectively these key features are the foundations to a profitable Sustainable, Efficient, Proactive and Well Managed business. Business Viability Analysis Model the business and test your assumptions to establish if you have a Commercially Viable Proposition relative to your Goals and then explore the circumstances under which it would be at its most optimum. BusinessPlanning Establish a Credible, Evolving and Monitored Business Plan to guide you in the desired direction at the desired pace toward your changing objectives. Business Process Introduced and incrementally improved to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Operating costs, enable Seamless Growth whilst consistently achieving higher quality outcomes for a competitive business. Financial Control Establish and manage high level Accounting capability irrespective of in-house financial prowess. Budgeting, Forecasting, Costing and Planning. ManagementInformation Timely, Accurate and Meaningful information about business operational outcomes relative to plans affording insight and visibility by which to manage for profit. Business Decision Support Make better, more informed decisions quicker. Compliment your acumen with on-hand Information, Knowledge, Experience, Analysis and Third-party support on any issue faced.